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Hansa is brewed in true pilsener style, using the finest Saaz hops. Specially imported from the Czech Republic, these hops are responsible for Hansa’s unique hoppy aroma and, most importantly, combine with the pilsener style of brewing to make Hansa crisp and flavoursome.

Nutritional information:

4.5% ABV

Carbohydrates: 24% Less Carbohydrates than other beers

Kilojoules: 11% less kilojoules than other beers

Bitterness Units: 14

Taking the road less travelled says a lot about a man and being different is what Hansa Pilsener is all about. Hansa promises a beer beyond a regular lager… a Pilsener.

The idea of the Pilsener was a noble one in a country with a love for table lagers. In 1975 everything changed for beer drinkers in South Africa. It was the year an Eastern European beer changed the drinking landscape forever. The South African Breweries launched Hansa Pilsener with one goal in mind: refresh the nation like never before.

The difference with a Pilsener is simple; when you take a sip, it isn’t bitter, it’s crisper, clearer and more refreshing. It’s low alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage makes it lighter and more sessionable. The kiss of Saaz hop is the secret ingredient that really sets a Pilsener apart. The Saaz hop is one of four noble continental European hops. Originating from Pilsen in the Czech Republic, the taste of the Saaz hop is rich and distinctive.

Hansa Pilsener exists to be enjoyed between friends, the brand recognises that there’s more to life than just working. Success isn’t just about working hard. It’s about switching to your social self and allowing yourself some time to unwind and relax.

We’ve all been there, watching the clock slowly tick over, anticipating stepping out to meet with friends. Moving from a place we have to be, to a place we want to be. That moment finally arrives, you pull up to your favourite drinking spot, your crew by your side, you order golden joy in a bottle and while you watch those bubbles dancing, you taste crisp refreshment with every sip. You feel that refreshment tingling through your body, while the worries and stresses of the day slowly start to fade away. It leaves you relaxed and ready for the evening ahead.







Brand History Items

  • BH_1980
    Hansa Pilsener BH_1980
    Back then the Hansa message driver was, ‘The one that refreshes.’
  • BH_1990
    Hansa Pilsener BH_1990
    South Africa was a new democracy and refreshment was making it’s way through the streets. The Hansa message driver was,’ Refreshingly different.’
  • BH_2005
    Hansa Pilsener BH_2005
    Hansa Refreshment was about to celebrate 30 years in hearts and the culture of South Africa. The brand message, ‘Refresh your soul.’
  • BH_2011
    Hansa Pilsener BH_2011
    South Africans know how to have a good time,in 2011 the brand message was ‘Special inside out.’
  • BH_2014
    Hansa Pilsener BH_2014
    One thing is clear; South Africa is always changing, growing and evolving.The one constant is Refreshment only a Pilsener can bring.